About us


Favos is the world's first customer-owned fashion brand. Buy a garment, receive our governance tokens.


Conventional organizational structures delegate decision-making power from upper management to middle or lower-sitting parties. This model has proven its effectiveness throughout time, therefore few have dared to question it in any way, shape, or form.

Cryptocurrency protocols and decentralized Web3 projects have gained attention in the past few years as they’ve emerged as catalysts in disrupting many traditionally concentrated and centralized industries.

Favos is the first fashion Web3 use case of its kind - Decentralizing governance by giving power to our customers. In order to participate in the Favos movement, simply create an account on our website and purchase your garment of choice. You will then become a FVS token-holder. It's as simple as that.

Not only does being a FVS token-holder mean that you become a part owner of Favos, you also gain voting rights, the ability to actively participate in forum discussions, and the opportunity to join the first ever decentralized fashion movement - Collectively building the brand you own and support.

To learn more, visit our forum.